FRRouting Releases

FRR is actively developed on GitHub.

Releases are cut when significant features are added or important bug fixes are incorporated into FRR. This typically corresponds to a release cadence of roughly every 4 months.

FRR distributes signed DEB and RPM packages along with Snap images. Repositories for these can be found at the following locations:

Docker images are also available on a best-effort basis. Until FRR 8.4.1, Docker images were uploaded to Dockerhub with the tag scheme frrouting/frr:vX.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is the version number (e.g. FRR 8.4.1 was tagged frrouting/frr:v8.4.1).

Starting with FRR 8.4.2, we have switched to for image hosting. The tag scheme has changed and is now where X.Y.Z is the version number (e.g. FRR 8.4.2 is tagged frrouting/frr:8.4.2).

Available tags may be viewed here:

We plan to reupload all images that were previously uploaded to Dockerhub to Quay over time.

Source tarballs and release notes are posted on GitHub:

Installation instructions are available in the user docs.

Release notes are also posted to this website, and are identical to those on GitHub.