FRRouting Release 10.0 [Download]

FRRouting Release 10.0 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce FRR release 10.0.

FRR 10.0 brings a long list of enhancements and fixes with 938 commits from 54 developers. Thanks to all contributors.

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Release Overview

Breaking changes

per-daemon config files no longer supported

Writing configuration works only with the unified configuration file frr.conf. I.e, writing to per-daemon config files is no longer supported.

-n is required for mgmtd

When using netns-based VRFs by passing a -n option to zebra, it’s now also required to pass this option to mgmtd as well.

noprefixroute flag for interface prefixes with NetworkManager

More details here.

Enable enforce-first-as by default for BGP

More details here.

A complete log of changes can be found by browsing the commit history of the FRR 10.0 tag here

Deprecate ConfD

ConfD is not supported anymore and its use is discouraged by developers.

Introduce local host routes

Host routes are needed on the router that owns the IP address to process packets destined for that IP address. redistribute local is also possible to redistribute local host routes into protocols.

Require libyang 2.1.128

In previous releases, we said that 2.1.80 is good, and 2.1.111 is bad (do not use this version). Now we recommend and even require 2.1.128 which is again good.

Log files per daemon

Configure file logging for a single FRR daemon.

More details are here.

BGP BMP Loc-RIB (RFC9069) support

The Loc-RIB contains the routes that have been selected by the local BGP speaker’s Decision Process.

More details are here.

eBGP-OAD (One Administrative Domain) support

Add support for a new External BGP (EBGP) peering type known as EBGP-OAD, which is used between two EBGP peers that belong to One Administrative Domain (OAD). This is the implementation of this draft.

This implementation allows iBGP and non-transitive attributes to be optionally exchanged.

More details are here.

BGP RPKI VRF support

Now RPKI for BGP can be configured per-VRF.

More details are here.

BGP SNMP traps for BGP4-MIBV2

Recently added support for this draft got the support for SNMP traps in this release.

More details are here.

Management (mgmtd) daemon replace operation support

BGP dynamic capabilities for addpath, fqdn, orf capabilities

The previous release added support for BGP Graceful-Restart, Long-lived Graceful-Restart, and Role capabilities to be managed via BGP dynamic capabilities. With this release, we add support for AddPath, FQDN, and ORF capabilities.

E.g. to change the AddPath/ORF (Outbound Route Filtering) capability’s flags, a session reset is not needed if the dynamic capability is enabled between the peers.

SRv6 encapsulation source address feature

Configure the source address of the outer encapsulating IPv6 header.

More details are here.

OSPFv3 Point-To-Multipoint mode

Add an ability to set the network type to point-to-multipoint for an interface.

More details are here.

Other significant changes