FRRouting Release 7.0

FRRouting Release 7.0 Available for Download

March 13, 2019

The FRRouting contributors are proud to announce that the latest release of FRR is available for download.

There are some major changes in this release, specifically libyang [] is now a hard requirement to build and run FRRouting. Here’s the full list of major changes from 6.0.x to 7.0:

YANG data modeling & NETCONF support has arrived for the following daemons:

Error Codes / Categories

Terminal Changes

BGP enhancements:


new daemon: OpenFabric (a datacenter variant of IS-IS - cf.

Zebra’s kernel/dataplane



Bug Fixes Galore

As you can see this is quite a changelog and We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this release. It has been a very productive 6 months!