FRRouting Release 9.0 [Download]

FRRouting Release 9.0 Available for Download

Aug 04, 2023

We are pleased to announce FRR release 9.0.

FRR 9.0 brings a long list of enhancements and fixes with 942 commits from 70 developers. Thanks to all contributors.

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Release Overview

Centralized Management Daemon

A new daemon called mgmtd has been added paving the way for a new northbound yang-based management interface. staticd has been converted to use mgmtd with more daemons to follow future releases. If you use custom configuration paths you may need to adapt these to use mgmtd. See the documentation for more info.

Switched to libyang minimum version 2.1.80!

The required minimum version for libyang is raised to 2.1.80. RPM/DEB packages are published on our repositories. Docker images are built using 2.1.80 also.

Memory footprint for BGP reduced drastically!

In FRR 8.4 release, we shipped Extended Message Support for BGP, which increased the memory usage significantly. In FRR 9.0 release, the memory footprint is back to normal again. We removed the unused structure fields that consumed a huge amount of memory unnecessarily.

Other significant changes

Memory leak fixes for BGP and other protocols.

New CLI debug and show commands were added and/or fixed.

Dropping package builds for EOL Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18.04.

A full log of changes can be found by browsing the commit history of the FRR 9.0 tag here