FRRouting Release 7.1 Available for Download

July 30, 2019

We are pleased to announce the 7.1 release of FRRouting is available for download.

As a reminder, Debian/Ubuntu packages are available at

Note: this version is numbered "7.1” primarily due to feedback from users about the major version number increasing too rapidly. It has the same amount of ongoing development as the usual FRR release cycle.

User-visible changes since the 7.0 release:


  • There is a new, work-in-progress gRPC northbound configuration interface


  • The "table NNN" command was removed since it has been broken for a long
  • The dataplane interface modularization and multithreading work is
    progressing steadily.
  • IPv6 Router Advertisements sent by zebra can now have RFC 8106 DNS options
    added to them.


  • EVPN can now be configured in non-default VRFs.
  • RFC 8212 — a default "deny" policy for eBGP sessions — can now be selected.

Aside from these, a huge amount of fixes and ongoing development is happening,
as usual. Thank you to all contributors!